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HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR SONGS to McClure & Trowbridge Publishing
Affiliated with Nashville's JIP Records
BMI and ASCAP companies

! ALERT ! McTrow is accepting new submissions.
Don't ruin it for everybody else - Follow the Directions. Complete the Form below if you would like to alert us you are mailing a CD demo.

DO NOT EMAIL MP3 or ATTACHMENTS! You will crash OUR EMAIL SYSTEM, resulting in CLOSED submissions for Everybody.

Note:: "@aol.com" addresses are ignored by our system. Contact us with another email address.

Submit on CD or flashdrive with lyric sheets. Please be patient. It takes time to carefully review submissions. Include your name, phone, email, and mailing address for a reply. DO NOT SEND CERTIFIED OR SIGNATURE REQUIRED. DO NOT EMAIL AUDIO FILES. First class U.S. mail is very reliable; if you send it, we will receive it.
Mail U.S. mail only to: McClure & Trowbridge Publishing, PO Box 841, Lafayette TN 37083

Currently we are particularly looking for Contemporary Gospel, Gospel Soul, Western Cowboy, and Swing.

If you have lyrics only, find a friendly songwriter in your area with whom to collaborate.

Wishing you the very Best in Music,
McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd, NASHVILLE TN USA

Request Control Number
Form CntrlNmbr3.1

ONLY APPROVED SUBMISSIONS ARE ACCEPTED. Accepting song submissions by U.S. Mail with Control Number only.
Note! This form is submitted via your email client. If it doesn't send, configure your client, or see Contact. Do not include sensitive information in this email form.

Writer submission
Do you have any songs released in commercial recordings? Not yet Yes
Earning royalties? Not yet Yes
I am affiliated with (check all that apply) BMI ASCAP CCLI SOCAN NSAI SGA AFM AFTRA/SAG NARAS STIM SIAE SGAE PRS JASRAC APRA IMRO AMCOS Other PRO I don't know / None

Name       Address

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Principal Email Address:
Music Website(s) URL (if any):
Telephone: Country code + Area Code ()

SONGS YOU WISH TO SUBMIT (check all that apply)

Reference (if any) / Comments (if any)

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