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Nashville Advertising on TrowbridgePlanetEarth.com

Advertise your site, products, and services. Nashville music publishers and entertainment management and Song Shopping Center® site. Traffic over 1,189,028 hits per month [verified] means solid return for your advertising budget. Music, songwriters, NASH CATS Nashville directories, and Western are broad advertising interest groups.

Readership includes all ages, all countries, and all economic and educational backgrounds. This is a family safe site with games and freebies for ages toddler through adult.

Here are some statistics [11/2002]:
hits: 1189028 100.00% 445733 291717 transfer: 6152345600 100.00% November 2002 [verified]
99% of our visitors read and speak English. English is the lingua franca of the Internet
26.5% of our visitors are Latino (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian)
37% of internal searches use gospel keywords (such as 'jordan', 'black gospel', 'jesus')
5.2 million internal search documents since November 1, 2001 [as of 8/2002]

Site visitors are residents of Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Guam, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Philippines, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Canary Islands, South Africa, Russian and Slavic mid-European countries, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Poland, Czech, Italy, Greece, Spain, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Germany, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, U.S., Mexico, Bahamas, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Belize, French Guiana, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina.

Drive traffic, customers, and visitors to your site.
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Rent advertising space from us. Our Rate Schedule varies with page placement, from 15.00 per month and up.
Premium Locations: Nashville directories NASH CATS       Front Pages       Song Shopping Center®

Run Of Page Locations: Banners, Member and Writer areas, and so on.

LINK eXCHANGE (At our discretion) Place your link, tile, or banner in our NASH CATS pages
or in our HOT LINKS directory and reciprocate by placing one of our banners or link on your pages.

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