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Borderlands Writer and Showman

"The best songwriter in Nashville - after Guy Clark"

"Swing he certainly can and does" [Rick Huff - Western Way Magazine]

"Gifted right-brained individual" [Nashville Music Guide]

'George McClure photo

"We come with the dust and go with the wind..."
[Woody Guthrie, from Pastures of Plenty]

"from dirt roads and street corners... to Nashville"
Autobiography "Iridescent Poppies and Lollipop Mommies"

George's appearances include Nashville Network TV (CMT - TNN), attracting 240 million viewers, Cinco de Mayo, CMA Fest, BB King's, and feature in the Nashville Tennessean. His Playboy Swing CD is on Dish Cable TV and iTunes.

George McClure, writer of "Alien Love" and "The Ballad of O.J.Simpson", writes and performs nationally. George's "Playboy Swing 2" CD is on J.I.P. Records. ALSO get "Playboy" on iTunes and "Champagne Saturday" on iTunes and Amazon   McClure is Academy of Western Artists - Vocalist of the Year nominee and NAMM Golden Music Awards "Best New Male Vocalist" nominee.

GM live at BB King's Nashville TN
Aculturated in the rich desert heritage of Arizona and northern Mexico (Sonora and Chihuahua), the native sounds of Mariachi, norteno, and Marty Robbins echo in George McClure's music, as well as his childhood Classical and world music. George learned Western & swing in Arizona and New Mexico bars and clubs while playing banjo and bass for a living. "We couldn't get off the stage without playing a few Bob Wills and Texas swing numbers", George says. "And we had a guy in our band who grooved on all the swing. The complex chords and structures thrilled me." A little later in Carolina an old black bluesman (who had toured with Lightnin' Hopkins) showed George a few chords and positions on guitar and this became the basis of his music.

McClure is also a poet and author in his spare time! Visit George on george (his official sanctioned dossier.)

George went pro here (Tucson AZ) in 1979, writing "Mass Grass", as well as neo-classical polyphonic works, and he transcribed Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in Am for string ensemble. He lived here 1978-1979.











George McClure & the Matadors
"Miles And Miles Of Texas"
Live cow jazz (Rurabilly swing) in Nashville TN

"ALIEN LOVE (I Made Love To An Alien Last Night)" by George McClure